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Web DesignSummary

Mutoh-Seikatsu is a great site providing good tasting sugar-free products for different kinds of people in Japan. The site is available in two languages - Japanese and English.

Web DesignGoal

Develop a custom ecommerce web site based on OS-Commerce software.

Web DesignTechnology
  • PHP 4
  • Content Management System
  • Credit card processing system
  • Built-in search tool
  • Shopping Cart
  • Payment System
  • Discount manager module
  • MySQL
  • HTML
  • SSL
Web DesignResult

Mutoh-Seikatsu is an attractive store with lots of powerful features, such as CMS, product search, wholesale feature and many more. A Recipes feature has been developed especially for this site to let the customers share their cooking ideas. The customer feedback was strongly positive.

Basic site
Basic site
$ 950.00
more more
Business site
Business site
$1 850.00
more more
Dating site
Dating site
$2 950.00
more more
E-Commerce site
$3 500.00
more more
Government site
$4 000.00
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